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V-60 Pour Over

The Hario V-60 pour over is often our preferred method of brewing a single cup of delicious coffee. Our method below is not the only way to create this perfect cup of coffee, however we have found these steps to be most consistent and manageable for everyone. 


How Much Coffee?

Specialty Coffee, Whole Bean, Craft Coffee

  • To begin you will need to weigh out 20g of freshly roasted coffee.
  • Heat your water to 200-202ºF. We prefer a gooseneck kettle because it provides a more even and controlled pour but don't feel like you can't accomplish this without one. 


Prep The Filter 

Pour Over

  • After your water has heated, rinse your filter.
  • It is important to rinse the filter to get rid of any papery taste and to preheat your brewer.
  • Discard the the rinse water and place your setup on a scale.
hario, v-60


The Bloom

  • Pour your 20 grams of ground coffee into the rinsed filter and zero your scale. 
  • Start the timer and pour in 40g of preheated water. 
  • Stir immediately to wet all the grounds then wait 40 seconds. 
coffee bloom, craft coffee,


Finishing The Brew

  • After the 40 second bloom pour an additional 300 grams of water, doing so in confined circular motion in the middle. This will give you 340 grams of water total.
  • Once the remaining water is poured in, it is a good idea to give the coffee a gentle clockwise swirl to ensure the coffee bed is evenly distributed.
  • Your water should fully drain around 2:30 minutes. 
  • Now enjoy your creation! If you find your coffee is draining to quickly or is taking to long, adjust your grind size to correct for this. Two Rivers Coffee, Pour Over, Specialty Coffee, Craft Coffee 
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