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There are many different ways to brew with the Aeropress, all of which will result in a delicious cup of coffee when done right. We prefer to use the inverted method of brewing, which will result in about an 8oz cup of coffee.


Measure and Grind 

  • To start, you will need 17-18 grams of freshly roasted coffee. This should be about one level scoop in the one that is provided with your Aeropress. How handy!
  •  The grind should be on the medium-coarse side, similar to kosher salt.


    Filter Prep

    • Place the Aeropress filter into the basket.
    • Pour a small amount of water over the filter to rinse it and prepare it for brewing. You can do this over your sink or just over your cup/brewing vessel, just make sure to discard the rinse water. 



      Aeropress Prep 

      • For the inverted method, place the plunger in the Aeropress approximately 1/4inch into the cylinder and place it on your scale (if you're using one.)
      • Add the ground coffee, and zero the scale. 


        Begin Brewing

        • Add approximately 34g (if you are using a scale) of hot water to begin the bloom of the coffee. If you are not using a scale this is roughly around the "3" on the Aeropress. 
        • Stir the coffee to insure all the grounds are submerged and allow it to bloom for 30 seconds. 


        Finish The Brew

        • After the bloom, continue adding the rest of the water. This is about 250 grams if you're using a scale, or just to the top if not. Be sure to leave a little room for the filter basket to twist on. 


        The Press

        • Once the filter is twisted on and the timer has hit 1:30, carefully flip the Aeropress onto your brew vessel. 
        • Gently press the plunger for ~45 seconds, aiming to finish around 2:15.
        • Pour your coffee into your preferred Vegemite mug and enjoy! 
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